Business registration in Singapore: How to change the address?

Business registration in Singapore: How to change the address?

Following rules, a registered company cannot just change its address. For this purpose, special rules have been developed that regulate the company address changing procedure and explain how to change the legal address lawfully. That’s quite a troublesome and time-consuming cycle of operations; qualified specialists’ assistance will help get rid of the hassle that often turns into problems.

Reasons for changing the registered office of a private limited company. There must be reasons for changing the address, among which can be called the termination of ownership of the premises. And if the company does not possess its own real estate, then the change of address may be triggered by the termination of the lease. No one will interfere with resorting to this procedure to expand practical opportunities, for the convenience of cooperation with other market players, in connection with the wishes of investors. Often, by changing locations, a company gets a chance to expand its customer base.

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The procedure of changing the registered address of the company

The procedure providing for the change of company address has a certain scheme; it is divided into stages for convenience.

Required documents to change address with ACRA:

  • general meeting minutes;
  • the new edition of Charter – one copy and its original;
  • completed application form R13001;
  • notarized extract;
  • receipt of payment of duty;
  • copy of the lease or sublease agreement of the premises.
  1. The first step to change address with ACRA:   you need to convene a meeting at which a decision is made to change the address, and this decision is entered into the Charter. Moreover, the document is drawn up so that no questions regarding the reasons for changing the address can arise in the future. In addition, this protocol must be signed by all members of the LLC who attend the meeting. And if the only person found the enterprise, then the decision taken personally by them will be signed.

  2. To submit the address to ACRA in Singapore, you will need:– the original and a copy of the company’s Articles of Association
    – a copy is taken from the Agreement regarding the establishment of an LLC. Since the full registered address must be precisely put in the company’s Charter, it is necessary to work on the preparation and adoption of a new edition. The registration of others is needed to register changes in the constituent documentation; you can do it afterward, making changes to the Charter.
  3. The next step is to fill out an application form-P13001, according to which information about the change of address is reflected in the company’s Charter. Moreover, there is no way to do without filling out a sheet to the legal address. To notarize the application, make sure that there is an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. You need to get an Extract in one month.
  4. When registering the address in the Charter and the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, you must pay the appropriate state fees. Then, the original payment order or receipt must be submitted to the tax office.

  5. For ACRA to have no doubts about the legality of changing the address of the enterprise, it is better to have a copy of the lease agreement for one or a couple of premises in Singapore. You will also need a copy of a lessor’s property deed. As proof, you also need to provide Letters of Guarantee received from the lessor. The lease agreement for the new premises must be drawn up even before the general meeting decides to move, since grounds will be required to change the address.

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The change of registered address when buying real estate

  • Let’s suppose the reason for changing the registered office of a private limited company is acquiring real estate. In that case, you have to prepare a copy of the certificate of ownership of the estate in advance.

  • The prepared set of relevant documents is submitted to the revenue office. In this case, the applicant is supposed to be the head of the LLC, which is the only executive body. But with this action, you should hurry, because you have only three days from the date of the decision to change the address.

  • Guided by the set of documents submitted by the applicant to the revenue office, the Charter is edited as the only instrument of incorporation. The same operation is performed in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. If there is no reason to refuse registration, it will take five days to change the address.

  • When registering a business in Singapore or changing your legal address, you need to notify the extra-budgetary fund about the changes. In its turn, you can expect notifications from the fund.


What documents have to be changed when changing the legal address of the company?

When the address changes, all the constituent documents, the certificate of the single tax or VAT payer, licenses, and permits also have to be changed. If the procedure is carried out in another city, the seal will be changed.

How long does it take to register a new company address in Singapore?

It takes about five days to register a new address. But if there are grounds for refusal, it may take longer.

What documents are required to register a company in Singapore?

As a rule, with the application for establishing a business in Singapore, it is necessary to provide:

  1. The company name;
  2. A brief description of the planned activity;
  3. Information about shareholders and directors;
  4. Registered address;
  5. Company secretary details;
  6. The Charter of the company.

Can a foreigner register a company in Singapore?

Following applicable law, a non-resident can open a company in the Republic of Singapore (this requires the appointment of a local director).

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