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What is the best structure & process to expand into Asia?

Expanding into Asia is both an exciting and daunting experience. Whilst some processes are straight forward, others matters require a strategic approach that required expertise in order to reduce risk. In this 5 minute video, we cover off the key areas to focus on and how to navigate the process:




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The importance of Partnership in the face of rising compliance

Our legal agency was founded 10 years ago to focus on helping corporate clients expand into Asia. As a boutique firm, we provide the personalized attention and detail required to address the increasing levels of compliance and reporting required by external companies.

Whilst some steps such as setting up a company is straight forward, others including IP protection, contracts and hiring in Asia are more complex.

This is why we are with our clients from the start to provide long-term partnerships success and growth in Asia.

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Knowing you have reliable Partners on the


Restructuring & changes in your company

As experts in corporate restructuring, we provide assistance and guidance to help improve business performance and get the company back on track.


Company setup

Set up your company with ease with Procosec. Choose from our self-service option or utilize our expert team to help with the process. Our package are designed to meet your unique needs and requirements.


Work visas & other business immigration

Our team of experience Immigration Lawyers can assist your company with your work visa and other business immigration matters to ensure you can hire and scale your team with confidence.


Annual required & company secretary services

We help companies be in compliance from a corporate, tax and accounting perspective, ensuring your company is always ready to successfully pass any audit and due diligence exercise.

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Having Procosec’s high-level team managing our expansion has made a what seemed a daunting task, a smooth and seamless one.

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Expert Legal Team

Procosec Asia combines a unique team of legally trained and business minded individuals, and accountants, most of whom have more than a decade of working experience dealing with entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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If your company wishes to establish a holding company or a hub for doing business in the Asia Pacific region, Singapore and China are great place to establish your company.

We help companies with a turnover of more than USD 20,000,000 from a wide range of sectors navigate the process in an efficient and easy to understand way.

Should you have any questions about our services please do not hesitate to contact us:




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