Our Approach to Corporate Services is:


At PROCOSEC ASIA, we combine strong business acumen, legal knowledge and Asian expertise with a goal to simplify and automate a business processs to make your life as a business owner easier.

Business Knowledge

We understand that businesses are not static and invariably change and grow. We want you to set up the right company which meets your business and operational needs in Asia not only today but also in the future. This is why we pride ourselves in understanding your business and your strategy before you set up your company in Asia.

Full control

PROCOSEC ASIA’s services and platform offer you different options to take control of how you manage your business and have your documentation consolidated in one place.

Our services and platform allow you:

• To reduce your risk when key staff changes and you lose their knowledge
• To allow financial institutions to verify your corporate structure
• To have your structure ready for succession allowing for easy transfer of knowledge!
• Be ready for a due diligence by a potential buyer or a joint venture partner
• To reduce your costs by handling your company’s corporate changes and filings personally.


Our services are simple and straight-forward and are fully custom-made to allow you to select the package most  suitable to your needs in a quick and efficient way whilst benefiting from the help of our seasoned professionals as and when required.

Upon becoming a client, you select the services you wish to be performed by our dedicated professionals or, conversely, to use our user-friendly templates to perform you own corporate filings.