Caroline Berube

Our founder, Caroline Berube, a trained and qualified lawyer in both North America and Asia, strongly believes in entrepreneurship and truly understanding her clients’ business needs enabling them to set up legal entities which are commercially sound and can successfully grow in Asia. Her goal is for her clients to be protected in terms of compliance, tax, accounting and legal requirements so as to maintain their market value.

Her 20 years in Asia have taught her that Asia’s geographical location, myriad languages and culture can prove challenging for many clients. Caroline believes that Procosec Asia with its unique platform is the perfect tool to limit her clients’ risks relating to legal, tax and accounting compliance requirements. Its easy to use automated platforms allows for easy input of information tracking and follow-up. Add to that an interest in understanding her clients’ business and a thorough knowledge of the Asian market and you have a platform trusted to meet every client’s specific needs.

This is how PROCOSEC ASIA came to life: to allow clients to take advantage of Ms Berube’s many years of commercial and Asian market knowledge and experience and to combine this with existing commoditized company secretarial services unto a trusted and efficient platform.