How to Change Company Address in Singapore

How to Change Company Address in Singapore

Singapore is a famous country that facilitates national social and economic welfare due to the preferable business-running conditions. The digital and low-bureaucratic regulatory principles simplify the registration, operational, and winding-up activities.

Thus, the corporation set-up in Singapore contains many benefits, including:

  • advantageous taxation terms, 
  • the prospective location for access to the global markets, 
  • the strong support of the national regulatory authorities for SMEs, 
  • and easy amendment procedures for the simple business operation.

To invest your resources into your legal entity set-up, it should primarily distinguish the registration aspects in this country. To this end, you must determine business, registered office, residential and alternative addresses required by the regulatory authorities of Singapore, namely IRAS responsible for the tax monitoring and ACRA being in charge of the data collection about legal entities registered.

The intended purpose of each venue type is defined by the legal requirements and official communication needs. However, there is no argument related to the prohibition to replace your company location, if necessary. Any amendment associated with the corporation venue is a typical procedure; however, you need to do it correctly and adequately.

Our consultants help you find the answer to the question, “Where can I change my address in Singapore?

Change Company Address in Singapore

Corporation set-up and amendment details in Singapore

The corporation registration is justified by IRAS to monitor the tax payments and accept the financial reports of each legal entity in Singapore and by ACRA to facilitate the business activities subject to the regulatory provisions set by the Ministry of Finances of Singapore Government.

The last one verifies the legal entities and keeps the relevant database for transparent national regulatory measures. ACRA determines four types of possible firm addresses required to the communication activities:

  • A business address is a venue applied to sole-proprietorships, partnerships, and LPs and dedicated to the public transparency of the company registered. The corporation venue is posted at the ACRA’s particular online resource and inserted into the relevant Singapore database of business entities.
  • A registered office address for corps and LLPs has a more practical background because it encourages the communication and correspondence ties with the regulatory bodies and keeps all accounting records, financial reports, and statutory documents.
  • A residential address is used for individuals represented by business owners and senior managers providing open access to the public. The accessible information is needed to purchase the information about the registered legal entity.
  • An alternative address is optional and should not refuse the data validity of the previous one. Both locations are shown on your business profile for contact purposes.

Suppose you need to update your corporation location due to headquarters’ decision, replacement of permanent assets or premises, or reorientation of business activities. In this case, you should inform ACRA of your intent and submit the appropriate form about the amendments. At the same time, you need to render the relevant notice to IRAS about the company-related data to ensure the validity of your reports to be submitted.


Where can I change my company address in Singapore?

Suppose you wish to modify your company address-related data. In this case, you should appeal to ACRA and gain the appropriate consent to insert the modifications into your business profile and, simultaneously, provide a related notice to IRAS. However, if you want to change your residential venue, the procedure is more complicated and requires you to have particular proof of the assigned authorities. In any case, we are glad to assist you in any amendments related to the location of your entity.

When should I change my corporate venue in Singapore?

The company-related location information must be inserted at the relevant online resources if:

  • your first registration venue was virtual,
  • the correspondence venue was changed due to the substitution of headquarters,
  • the corporation shareholders decided the business venue change,
  • the corporation scaled up its business operations and needs,
  • or the first venue was registered in the rented premises, and the owners would like to purchase them, etc.

Our organization will help you to determine the situations and ways to replace your company addresses.

How to change a company address in Singapore?

This question has a secondary essential nature after you have learned- “Where can I change my company address in Singapore?”. The general step-by-step approach is as followed:

  1. Open the application for the corporation venue change using the specific form at ACRA’s website.
  2. Insert all valid information about the new venue.
  3. Notify IRAS about the requested change submitted to ACRA,
  4. Amend all official documents with further details.

If you have difficulties with such specific office work, we always help you pass this process easier.

Who can help a foreign investor to register its company and update the venue information?

You may try to do all the necessary actions by yourself. However, the required knowledge gaps in the business location aspects will lead to unreasonable costs. Our experts are highly qualified and competent to consult and accompany you to make any changes related to your business address.

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